Copenhagen Travel Guide

Copenhagen Travel Tips

We reached the bridge in Denmark with after Hamburg. We determine our way across the highway route. Seen as the island can be reached by road to Copenhagen. We reached to Copenhagen via Storebaelt bridge , paying about 34 euros.

How did we get across the bridge, a very long bridge.

In the Nordic countries, we heard the food and accommodation is expensive. This is the first point we have seen the bridge payment.

Alternative Accommodation Camp in Copenhagen

We thought a trip for 2 nights with accommodation in Copenhagen. But I realized that that’s gonna be good if it would be more than 2 days. For accommodation, we thought to look at the weather. Weather is around 22 ° C, we thought of camping for accommodation. The camping ground as  DCI-Copenhagen Camp “Absalon” ‘We choose for camping ground. Very clean toilets, showers and a kitchens. Tents in certain areas and quite spacious. If you want to stay here you should be member of Camping Key Europe. If you’re not, you can get one-year membership in the reception of camping, for 15 euros. Two people stay, tent area for about 23 euros if you have tent. Camping grounds about 11 km from the city center.

Christiansborg Palace, you should spare time for here
Christiansborg Palace, you should spare time for here

List of Things to Do in Copenhagen

  1. Nyhavn  in place downtown where restaurants and cafes, area is near the river. It can be visited for eating and drinking.
  2. Tivoli Gardens,  an entertainment center and a garden. Settled in a large area. There is playground for kids and adults. You should get ticket to enter this area. You can spend 2-3 hours time.
  3. Church of Our Saviour  This is a church. In particular, it can be visited to see the tower. Do not expect more than to see this tower here.
  4. Rosenborg Castle the castle and gardens are wonderful. There is the botanical garden behind this garden but we can not visit there.
  5. Christiansborg Palace the symbol of the kingdom. This palace has the place that can be visited for free of charge. Some parts need ticket and some parts not. I would recommend you take ticket. Churches, palace, the kitchen of palace and the horse barn you can visit with your ticket. It requires approximately 3-3.5 hours time.
  6. Copenhagen City Hall here the municipal building. Still active. Employees work in their rooms. You can visit here for free. You can sit in the garden. There is the marriage ceremony hall inside. You could came across the ceremony while you are visiting.
  7. Radhuspladsen  other municipal buildings here I guess. Buildings side by side with the Copenhagen City Hall. We could not visit due to time constraints.
  8. Christianshavn region. We went there to take photos of marine.

What I was interested in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has inflicted on me a little disappointed. Especially in aspects of architecture, I was expecting to find very different examples for arthitecture. Unlike the general central European countries, building sizes are large.

Art and history in city
Art and history in city

There are bicycle lanes all over the city would not be wrong if I say. In some places the remaining strips in the middle of the driveway surprised me. This type of bicycle lanes that we do not seen in traffic. If you use the car, note bicycle lanes. Denmark highways free. Except which I mentioned brdiges.

Bicycle is very common trasportation vehicle in Copenhagen
Bicycle is very common trasportation vehicle in Copenhagen

Eating & Drinkin in Copenhagen

There are lots of options in downtown for coffee shops. It offers a variety of options in small streets. Coffee’s not too big size. I want to share the definition of a waiter said the girl for desertss ‘classic Danish dessert’. This meant that, I think, not too sweet, might be salty taste. I’ve tried some of the desserts contained different tastes.

Kitchen equipments in palace in Copenhagen
Kitchen equipments in palace in Copenhagen

Eating, the issue was again hard side of our travel. We had to eat hamburgers again. Prices as a whole, above the European average. For example, we paid for two hamburgers and french fries and two cokes at a moderate restaurant 48 Euro. Yes, the restaurant was cute but prices are generally at this level.

Before you go to Copenhagen, determine where you want to visit through Tripadvisor on the map. City is not small and rivers divide the city. Dividing your trip some parts, would be effective for you trip. Evening, reasonably quiet outside the city center.

You can get canal tour in Copenhagen
You can get canal tour in Copenhagen

If you want to visit other cities of Copenhagen and Denmark, I recommend to add another Nordic cities to this trip.

When we are leaving expensive Copenhagen, we saw another bridge and payment point on it. The name of this bridge  Öresundsbron that  and we paid about 48 Euro and we left Copenhagen.

Please searh another articles about Scandinavia.

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