Hungary Toll Road Penalty Payment e-vignette


It was not easy procedure for me and I decided to share my experience. If you entire Hungary road without e-vignette you will fine. There is no solution if you use, even buying e-vignette after usage. You have to pay ‘Before’! If you are planning to go to Hungary with your car, you can go to directly gas station and buy one week toll-road or go this website and buy online.

You should call this number +36 36587500 then orderly press this number 5 – 1 – 1 and 0. Now you reach to English speaking call centre people. Not call immediately when you entire to road, call after one month. System works with delaying.

Tell your plate number. They will check you penalty. Each day you have to pay one penalty. Penalty depends on your category of you vehicle. Like this:


They will tell you, how much you should have to pay. There is no credit card option. One option paying to their offices if you are in Hungary, other option is payment via bank.

Bank account information is:

Name of account holder and account number:
National Toll Payment Services PLC / 10402142-49555557-57541179
For international wire transfers: KERESKEDELMI ÉS HITELBANK
IBAN: HU58 10402142-49555557-57541179
Code of cost bearer: OUR / BEN

Please check current details on this page always.

Do not forget description section of your payment. Customer service tell your penalty code. You have to write this penalty code on description section of your money transfer.

This method is more cheaper other case they will send penalty your country and they will include police charges etc. believe me :)

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